While our Oakley storefront is closed due to COVID-19 orders, we are still shipping online orders. Use code STAYHOME for 20% off $50+.

About us

Trend Boutique is located in the Oakley neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio.  We opened our brick and mortar store in May 2009 and opened our e-commerce store shortly after.  We sell carefully selected everyday wear clothing, hand made jewelry, leather goods, and small gift items like tea towels, wine cups, and canvas bags.  Our e-commerce store contributes to our success as we've shipped to 47 US states (come on Delaware, West Virginia, and Wyoming!!), DC, Puerto Rico, and 9 other countries.  We moved into a larger and brighter, retail storefront with parking during the summer of 2019 driving even more growth.  We stock both small and moderate sized brands, and with the exception of our exclusive Cincy, OH, and KY girl items, we only stock 6 to 8 of each item to ensure uniqueness and individuality for our customers.